Our Approach – Xero Accountants, Virtual FD and Business Advisory Empowered Finance

Our Approach

We use our Know Your Numbers four step methodology to gain an overall understanding of your personal and business goals, the current state of your business and the challenges you are currently facing. From this we can determine which of our services are best suited to your needs, to set you on the path to a sustainable and profitable business.

1. Big Picture

Your business is a vehicle to achieving your personal goals, be that time freedom, financial freedom or mental freedom. We will discuss and document with you your short and long term personal goals and then look at how your business is setup to deliver them. This results in a constant point of reference for any future business decisions you make, ensuring you remain focused on reaching your overall objectives.

2. Fundamentals

In order to make informed business decisions, you need access to accurate information. We conduct a detailed review of your existing financial systems, processes and data to understand exactly where you are and the steps required to get you to where you need to be. If required we can implement the appropriate systems, including Xero, for you as well as helping you document your processes. Or if you prefer, we can simply do this for you. The end result is an efficient, compliant financial system that produces accurate data you can rely on

3. Insights

Access to timely, accurate financial information drives better business decisions. Our bookkeeping service ensures that your financial information is updated at the frequency that you require. Our financial models forecast your profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow for the year ahead. Monthly or quarterly management accounts monitor your progress against budget, looking at the KPIs that matter and highlighting any areas of concern and allowing you to make adjustments to your business as required.

4. Momentum

We help you to navigate the commercial challenges facing your business. Our virtual FD service means you have an experienced partner to help you build and maintain the momentum on the journey to achieving your goals. We will act as a sounding board providing strategic advice, asking the difficult questions and holding you to account to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals.


Our focus is on providing maximum value to you, helping solve the commercial challenges unique to your business. Therefore we tailor each package to your specific needs, identifying the accounting, tax and advisory services required to move your business from where it currently is to where you want it to be. 

Transparent Pricing

We explain the services that you require, and show the impact of each of them on the overall price that you pay

Fixed Fees

We agree a fixed fee upfront for the services you require. No billing by the hour or surprise invoices. We don't believe in being rewarded for being inefficient. Our fees are spread across monthly installments, smoothing your cash flow

Custom Packages

We know each business is different and don't try to force you into a standard package. We will build the package that is right for your business and for your budget

Some examples of the types of packages we can offer:

Start Up

Your business is in its infancy and you're wearing many different hats. Let us wear the finance one.
From £299 Monthly
  • Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax
  • Payroll for 2 directors/employees
  • Xero accounting software
  • Quarterly bookkeeping including VAT
  • Quarterly management accounts
  • Annual Review

Scale Up

Your business is growing and you need to make sure the cash keeps coming in as your costs increase.
From £499 Monthly
  • Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax
  • Payroll for 5 directors/employees
  • Xero accounting software
  • Monthly bookkeeping including VAT
  • Quarterly management accounts
  • Quarterly Review


Stable and profitable, you are looking at how you can take your business to the next level.
From £799 Monthly
  • Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax
  • Payroll for 10 directors/employees
  • Xero accounting software
  • Monthly bookkeeping including VAT
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Monthly Review